Formula Fit – the facility, the brand, the community which has become internationally regognised for its strength and conditioning for motorsport athletes has now gone ONLINE!


Prior to Formula Fit Online, clients would be restricted (but not limited) to coming into Formula Fit’s Human Performance Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.


The concept behind Formula Fit Online is to allow people around the world to have a virtual training experience without being bound to a specific facility.

All programming provided will be specifically designed for you and your desired sport generated by our high-performance coaching staff at Formula Fit.


Each month you will have complete access to our video platform which will include Q & A discussions with leading sporting and health providers, high-performance athletes and train-with-the-trainer workouts.


If you are looking for a strength and conditioning programming to give you the edge, someone to simply be accountable for your training, rehabilitation for pre or post-surgery, or just some general direction on what you should be doing, how you should be doing it and how long you should be doing it for, then look no further than Formula Fit Online.


For the first time, Formula Fit Online offers a product and service like no other. Our exclusive online coaching platform is tried and tested on World Champion athletes right through to children on the Autism spectrum.


No matter what your physical demands, no matter what challenges you are encountering, Formula Fit Online has just the right program for you!



If you have any questions about our programs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Visit the Contact Us page and send us a message now!